Angani Serengeti Camp

Serengeti Angani Camp is a private camp strategically located in the heart of Serengeti (Seronera area).
It has 8 spacious tents with private bathroom and a restaurant tent, where you can enjoy all the services of a hotel, but feeling in middle of savannah surrounded by acacias and animals.

An excellent option of accommodation for travelers who look for an intimate experience with nature in an authentic safari camp.

Serengeti’s P.N is famous for being one of the biggest parks in Africa with its vast plains, high concentration of lions, also for its cheetahs and leopards perched in some acacia. You can also see Gazelles, impalas, elephants, hippos, hyenas and many more….

In Serengeti you will be able to enjoy also the best spectacle of the planet: the Great Migration. It happens two times a year, before and after the dry season, approximately 1,5 million gnus, 500.000 gazelles and 250.000 zebras  migrate seeking new pastures.

Enjoy Nature with us!!!!




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